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Fantasy Town: Farm & Friends guide

Fantasy Town: Farm & Friends guide

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A new and exciting farming game for Android and iOS, Fantasy Town: Farm & Friends is topped off with adorable blocky visuals. We will cover a complete Fantasy Town: Farm & Friends guide to help you get started on the right path, so if you want to learn all the tips and tricks we've discovered after playing the game for a while, then we've got you covered! 

If you enjoy base builders, but don't quite fancy all the war-themed ones that are dominating the market, then Fantasy Town is most definitely something up your alley. The game's got some great features such as unique character outfits for your main villager, tons upon tons of decorations and utility buildings to help you grow and expand, and even dragons - yeah, who doesn't want to have their very own pet dragon?

Sprinkle a pinch of gacha over it - which is the way players can acquire more villagers (or heroes, if you may) - and the result is an addictive game with more than enough to delight every taste.

But is the game free? 

The game is most certainly not pay-to-win, but, like many other games, it does have IAPs. These will help you get a slight advantage, but if you're not too keen on spending money, then you can still enjoy the game to its full extent - just a tad slower than the premium players. 

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Further down in the guide, we will talk about some of the packs that are worth purchasing if you do want to spend some money on the game, so make sure to check that out if you're indeed interested in getting the best bang for your buck

Fantasy Town tips to get started

First and foremost, we're going to talk about some of the most important tips for complete beginners so you can have a better understanding of how to spend your free Rubies, how to build and upgrade your base, and how to maximise the time you spend in-game so you can benefit from all the best rewards you can get for free.

We will start off our Fantasy Town guide with some tips on how to organise your base, and then move on to some more advanced ones that will help you grow your farm into something beautiful - so, let's dive right in, shall we?

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Tip #1 - Start by moving all of your buildings to one side

At the very beginning, you will not have a lot of space but also won't have access to all of the buildings in the game (which you can unlock by leveling up). We recommend that you start by moving all the farms and the buildings that you have unlocked to one side, so you can make room for the next ones that unlock as you level up.

How to move a building

In order to move the buildings, all you need to do is tap and hold once. After that, you will enter the "edit/decoration" mode which allows you to move them by simply tapping them once. This function is super helpful because when you want to mass-edit your base (move the roads, decorations, and whatnot) you won't have to keep tapping and holding in order to do so.

As you start getting past the very early levels (say, starting around level 6) you will gain access to more decorations, which will allow you to create a world that is to your liking through the myriad of decors available. These will require space, hence it's better to keep all of your buildings close together and avoid wasting space.

Tip #2 - How to level up fast in Fantasy Town: Farm & Friends

If you're looking to level up as quickly as possible, there are a few options. You have the main quests which will appear on your left side of the screen, and then you have the other options that include hunting and exploring, which will not only grant you EXP but also useful goods. You will, of course, gain EXP as you upgrade your base and harvest your crops as well, but the amount of EXP from these is not exceptional later on.

At the very start of the game, we recommend that you always explore the dungeons (Secret Mine and Exploration/Pro Rescue) with your villagers, because these won't take too long (roughly one or two minutes) and they will grant you a lot of EXP for the level that you're at. These will help you quickly level up to level 7 and then 8, which is when you will gain access to more fields, and thus free up more space for building.

Tip #3 - Log in daily and don't forget to check your mail

Every single day (especially the first 5 days of playing the game) is crucial. You will receive great log-in rewards, which include some five-star villagers that will help you a great deal within the game. You should try to log in daily so as to not miss any of them because they are stronger than your average one-star and two-star villagers.

Also, don't forget to check your mailbox because the rewards will be sent there in the Reward tab. Sometimes, you can also find some time-limited options that grant you free Rubies in exchange for watching a short ad. These will be extremely useful especially for F2P players because your first goal with these Rubies should be to purchase either the 5x Golden Crate for 30% off or the 5x Special Draw. If you play your cards right, you will be able to collect enough Rubies within the first couple of days of playing the game, but we'll cover this in greater detail down below.

When is the daily reset time?

The daily reset time in Fantasy Town: Farm & Friends is 17:00 BST.

Tip #4 - Talk to the citizens for more freebies

As you collect villagers, you will also be able to spot them roaming the streets. They will sometimes appear with three dots above their heads, which is when you can strike up a short conversation with them. Make sure to always do this, because they will reward you with Gold, Rubies or EXP, and it's always going to come in handy.

Tip #5 - How to earn more Rubies?

Rubies are among the most important resources in the game, so you want to collect as many as you can for various reasons. Firstly, you can use Rubies to speed up the process of building or upgrading a building, rush the Pro Rescue, or shorten the time it takes in the Secret Mine to dig up a new treasure.

Every day, you can watch an ad for a free Ruby - yes, yes, it's not much, but they will add up and you never know when you might be short a Ruby or two, so it's useful to watch the ads in order to earn an extra Ruby or two for free. Of course, you have a bunch more options, so we'll list them all below.

  • Talk to the villagers, and in rare instances, they might reward you with free Rubies
  • Complete Achievements
  • Log in rewards
  • Link Event (more details about this below)
  • Complete the Secret Mine 4 times each day
  • Watch ads in the mail or Dragon Shop
  • Watch the daily ads on the top left side of the screen
  • Link your account to Facebook for an additional 3 Rubies
Everything you need to know about the Link Event

On the top side of the screen, you will notice a figure with a small gift box next to it - this is where you can access your link, or enter the code from fellow players. If you share your code with friends 10 times, you will be able to collect a total of 350 Rubies If three people use your code, you can get 50 Rubies; if 5 people use your code, you will earn 100 Rubies; and if 10 people use your code, you'll get a whopping 200 Rubies.

You can find your code by tapping the Share Link button on the left side of this window. You can send the invitation link to a friend via a messaging app of your choice, and the code will be visible there. If you want to, feel free to use my code - 644871A and share yours in the comments below for other people to use!

Tip #6 - Don't forget to change your character's looks!

Since you will have one main character, you need to make sure it looks fashionable - but that's not all there is to it. Whenever you purchase an outfit, you will also earn Topaz, a currency used solely for exclusive outfits. Outfits are an entirely different game in and of themselves, as they will passively earn you additional EXP.

The best outfits will earn you 25 EXP per hour, but to be able to acquire them, you will need to purchase the low-tier ones. With each one you purchase, you will earn Topaz, which can then be exchanged for those superior EXP-granting outfits. We recommend that you start spending some of the Gold that you don't urgently need for upgrades on some of the more beginner-friendly ones (which go for just a couple hundred Gold) and then upgrade them as you go.

Outfits can be sold as well, so you will also make some of the currency back after you're done using them. It's a simple yet great way to earn some passive EXP without actually doing anything.

Tip #7 - Pick the best packs to buy

If you do decide to spend some money on the game, then let's cover some of the best packs you can currently buy!

The starter packs

The starter packs are both great, and they are not overpriced for what they give. You will get a lot of Rubies, as well as Gold and a bunch of other useful items including Legendary citizens. These are definitely the first ones you should check out if you're planning on spending some money on the game.

The Sheep Costume Pack

This pack is mostly dedicated to those who're looking to rock an adorable sheep costume and get a bunch of useful items as well. They are a one-time-only purchase that comes with Rubies and Gold, as well as 10 Exploration Coupons.

The Monthly Pack

The monthly pack is a monthly subscription-like pack that you can activate whenever you want. This pack is super cheap and grants a bunch of Rubies every single day, as well as Production Coupons and Exploration Coupons (the first time you purchase it). This is a great way to save up Rubies for the gacha.

Tip #8 - Get more citizens

We've mentioned before that you will receive some characters by simply logging in, but there are other ways you can acquire them as well. One of those ways is by completing the Pro Rescue (Exploration). This will oftentimes give you a low-tier citizen, but don't worry - they are useful as well since you can deploy several lower-quality heroes to complete the task.

Another way to obtain heroes is from the gacha - at the Inn, you can draw for citizens from the Draw Gacha tab, and you can either do that with Gold or with Rubies. The very first 5x draw offers a discount, so we suggest you save enough Rubies (and Gold) to draw these. You will also have the Special Draw, which has increased chances for some special citizens (they have better specialisation).

If there is any that you like from the Special Draw, make sure to save the Rubies and give it a shot - otherwise, you can wait until the pool resets as new villagers will become available. Last but not least, you have the Buy Citizens option, which uses either Gold or Rubies to pick a villager of your choice and straight up buy it. The pool is pretty limited, and the characters can vary, but it is an option that can work if you're lucky.

Tip #9 - Always upgrade your buildings

The buildings that you add to your land can be upgraded by using materials that you collect from the mines as well as Gold, so you should always try to do that whenever you have the materials needed. The most important building to upgrade is the Castle, which is at the heart of the village. That will further unlock new features, and you should always try to work towards each milestone necessary for the upgrades.

You can check out the requirements for upgrading it by tapping on it. Also, make sure to always build all the Production facilities (farms and all the buildings under that tab) available before adding decorations so you will never run out of space.

Tip #10 - Expand your territory every chance you get

You can start expanding your territory as early as level 7 - make sure you do this every chance you get because it's something you will need a lot in the future. You will not only need more space to expand your farms and build more facilities, but you'll also need space to add decorations. Make your farm look good, and you will notice that a lot of people will start adding you and sending you gifts!

In the end, if you're a fan of the genre, can we suggest the best farming games on iOS?

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