Fantasy Date blends mobile gaming with video

MoConDi's innovative game looks like flirty fun

Fantasy Date blends mobile gaming with video
| Fantasy Date

Damn those Americans. Increasingly, they're getting a lot of mobile game innovations before we do on this side of the Atlantic. Fantasy Date is just the latest example.

Released by MoConDi, it's available on US operator Sprint, and is an innovative blend of gaming, videos and WAP. The company describes it as an "interactive fictional mobile video dating games featuring role-playing features". Got that?

Essentially, you choose a male or female character, and then have to seduce them with your reactions to a series of video situations (the sample we've seen involves a busty female cop). MoConDi will be adding new characters every month.

Each character has three video clips, and after each one you get a choice of three reactions, which then gives you a score and a new video clip from the character. We're not sure what happens if you really impress them, but given this is being sold by a US operator, it won't be too saucy.

It's an intriguing idea, anyway, although clearly aimed at a mainstream audience rather than gamers per se. We'll be interested to see if it comes to the UK, but in the meantime you can see a demo here.