Relax and tone your face and neck with DSi's Face Training

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Relax and tone your face and neck with DSi's Face Training
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So long ago that I'd forgotten all about it, Nintendo announced it was going to release a camera for the DS and DS Lite alongside a game called Face Training.

Three years and two new versions of the DS later, Face Training finally has a European release date - September 24th.

Of course, as the DSi and DSi XL both have cameras, there's no talk of an external camera now so this isn't a game that will work on your DS Lite (or DS Phat).

Actually, it's not really a game anyhow.

As the title suggests, it sits alongside Dr Kawashima's Brain Training series, except instead of training your brain daily, your daily sessions with Face Training are designed to improve your facial wellness.

You're supposed to use it every morning, with the in-game avatar Miles demonstrating exercises on the left screen, while you see a video feed of your actions on the right. You can choose to focus on one of six facial areas – eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth, jaw, and neck.

Nintendo is careful not to say it will make you younger, although that seems to be the implication.

"Target the Ocular Muscle with an eye exercise that can help to ease tension around the eyes," it says.

"Or try focusing on some different types of facial and neck muscles such as your Zygomaticus Major - cheek area - Orbicularis Oris - mouth area - or Trapezius - neck muscle to name a few - which could all help you in your task to facial wellness."

Doctor's orders

And as with Brain Training, a scientist is associated with the product: all exercises have been created in cooperation with Japanese beautician and specialist in the muscles of facial expression, Fumiko Inudo.

These issues are explicitly stressed in the full title - Face Training: Facial exercises to strengthen and relax from Fumiko Inudo.

It's a bit of a mouthful, but we're sure if you say it once a day, it will improve your Orbicularis Oris.