Fableborne is an upcoming strategy-based ARPG that introduces bite-sized esports competitions

Fableborne is an upcoming strategy-based ARPG that introduces bite-sized esports competitions
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Are you looking for a real-time multiplayer game that is easy to play, doesn’t require hours of grinding at one go, but still has a learning curve and takes time to master? Then, Pixion Games, an upcoming development studio has just what you need. After being under development for 18 months, Pixion Games’ first title called Fableborne is set to enter the mobile gaming space this year.

Fableborne takes the action RPG genre and imbibes it with strategic base building. The best part about the game is that it isn’t a time sink but makes sure that players have an immersive experience and keep coming back for greater challenges. It will also become another addition to the NFT squad which seems to be what most new games are based on. Play to Own is the new gameplay model and Fableborne does the same by allowing players to create their own heroes, islands, and in-game items by getting their hands on assets via the Pixion League or through purchases.

Talking about the game, Kam Punia, Found and CEO of Pixion Games, said: “Fableborne is a competitive mobile-first multiplayer game, but it doesn’t demand an unreasonable amount of players’ time. Players can have a fun, rewarding and enriching experience, battling other players or completing quests, creating smart and powerful strategies over their lunch break or as they travel. We all know the struggle of finding the time to have satisfying gaming experiences and keeping up with the competition. Fableborne is the antidote to this - a new category of esports games that fits around your lifestyle and plays the way you want it to.”

The game takes place in The Shatterlands and takes raids to another level. Players can asynchronously raid others’ islands while also fortifying their own, and plotting revenge on those that dare to fight them. Another feature part of Fableborne is Lunchtime Esports, a new style of competitive gameplay that can be enjoyed in small bites. The Pixion League will allow players to engage in battles whenever convenient for them without having to worry about matchmaking and will feature with events, weekly challenges, tournaments and competitive leagues for everyone to enjoy.

There may be some wait as we don’t have a definitive launch date for Fableborne yet however it is slated to launch later this year.

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Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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