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Evilibrium: Soul Hunters is a dark fantasy CCG dungeon crawler that's available now for iOS

Android version coming soon

Evilibrium: Soul Hunters is a dark fantasy CCG dungeon crawler that's available now for iOS

Evilibrium: Soul Hunters is a CCG dungeon crawler from Creative Mobile and Orc Work. You'll play as the titular soul hunter as you capture the souls of various monsters so that you can use them to fight for you in battle. It's available now for iOS with an Android version reportedly coming soon.

With that premise and an art style that's somewhat reminiscent of the excellent Darkest Dungeon, it sounds kind of like a more macabre version of Pokemon. You can even evolve the various beasties that you capture up to 5 times to make them more powerful.

You'll be able to capture these souls once you've beaten the monster in battle first. Then once you've exited that dungeon you'll be able to create a card that will allow you to use that creature in battle. There are over 100 souls available in Evilibrium with creatures ranging from your standard skeleton to Fairies to killer bunnies.


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The battles will see three of your creatures battling it out with your enemies in real-time. They will attack automatically but you can have some influence over which enemy they target. Their position in the team will also be a factor which you can decide before the fight starts. Each of your creatures will also have a special ability that operates on a cooldown system and you'll have autonomy over when to use them.

The developers say it will take players around 15 hours to complete the main story of the game. There are over 20 bosses you'll have to face along the way that will provide the most challenge on your journey through numerous dangerous forests and dungeons.

Outside of battle, you'll embark on a choice-based narrative where the options you choose will have an impact on the ending of the game. All of the cutscenes are told through comic book-style panels, which look awesome.

Evilibrium: Soul Hunters is available now on the App Store and is expected to be released on Google Play soon. It is a free-to-try title with IAPs that allows you to unlock the full version of the game with extra bonuses available if you're willing to pay more.

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