Evidence 111 review - "An ordinary story made extraordinary by superb voice acting"

Detective games are a dime a dozen these days on mobile, but what makes Evidence 111 stand out from the sea of similar titles is the superb voice narration that makes it an absolute thrill to play given its 3D binaural audio mix technology. The game features multiple endings as well that boosts its replayability factor, but is it worth spending a little less than two hours getting to the bottom of the titular piece of evidence?

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It's 1985, and as 33-year-old Chief Inspector Alice Wells, you'll follow an unsettling lead after a mysterious phone call tells you to visit an odd little hotel in Farnham, England. What begins as an investigation into Evidence file No. 111 turns out to be the exact thread that needs to be pulled to unravel a horrific truth about your past, all in the midst of suspicious hotel guests and a string of disturbing clues that will put your mind and emotions to the test.

As you'd expect from a detective game, the cast of colourful characters here have their own backstories you'll have to uncover to find the truth. Some snippets of conversation may turn out to be red herrings, but some may have hidden gems in them that might just help you get closer to the truth.


That truth, of course, will be ever-so-elusive, as not only will your decisions determine how these characters will react to what you say, but one wrong choice might also make you miss out on vital pieces of information that can help you put things together. What's even more interesting here is that the whole game is a complete audio experience - you won't even have to look at your screen to figure out what's going on or to make those crucial decisions.

Instead, the game uses intuitive swipe gestures and a vibrating notification that prompts you to make decisions when needed. Easily accessible for visually impaired audiences, the game encourages you to close your eyes, put on your headphones and immerse yourself in the story purely based on what you hear - and thanks to the stellar voice acting and sound effects, it's easy to get lost inside the world of Alice Wells whether you're curled up in bed or on the daily commute.


Because of the eerie soundscapes and the superb performances by Emmy winner Rosamund Pike, Zoë Robins, Mike Bodie and Kenny Blyth, I was immediately transported into Alice Wells' world as soon as I put my headphones on. Conversations are engaging and the characters are compelling enough to make me want to learn more about them, not just to help me solve the case but also because they honestly made me curious.

As for the choices, some of them will only treat you to an extra line of dialogue or two before bringing you back to the same conclusion or narrative branch, while a few do have lasting consequences throughout the game. Choosing one path may make you miss out on an opportunity to go elsewhere, although some of them only give you the illusion of choice - no matter which one you choose, things will still end up the same way.

Of the multiple endings, I did find certain outcomes a little disappointing, as I initially thought that particular choices would lead to something entirely different. Some variations don't stray too far from each other, but if you're still curious about what a character might do or say depending on what you pick, you can always replay the game to find out. Conveniently, the game offers a fast-forward button that helps you speed towards the choices rather than play out an entire scene from the beginning.

Evidence 111 is a short but engaging experience that fires up your imagination thanks to the top-notch audio quality. The narrative itself is nothing too groundbreaking, but while the story won't stick with me long after the credits roll, the unique audio experience (and the gorgeous ending theme) certainly will.

Evidence 111 review - "An ordinary story made extraordinary by superb voice acting"

Evidence 111 is a unique detective game in that it encourages you to hear instead of see all the action from your phone. The story is nothing too revolutionary, but the superb voice acting is the highlight of the title, making for an entertaining hour-and-a-half journey.