App Army Assemble: Evidence 111 - "Is this audio adventure worth a listen?"

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App Army Assemble: Evidence 111 - "Is this audio adventure worth a listen?"

Evidence 111 is a detective game with a notable deviation from the norm. Rather than relying on visuals, the game is entirely audio-driven, making it more accessible to some players. Our own Catherine recently reviewed the game and had a good time with it. But more opinions are always welcome here on Pocket Gamer, so we also handed over the game to our App Army to see what they made of it.

Here's what they said:

Torbjörn Kämblad

Now, this is something completely different: an interactive audio adventure. I haven´t played anything like it since Papa Sangre which came out on iOS in 2010. The game has you listening to a snippet of dialogue or the monologue of the protagonist before presenting you with a couple of choices. Swiping left or right lets you continue the story according to your choices. Sometimes the choices are quite mundane such as switching on a light or not, and at others, the choices are deeper with bigger effects.

Having a game just using audio as a presentation puts high pressure on the audio delivery. I found that the voice acting was great – engaged but not over the top. The environmental sounds are good as well making it easy to internally visualize the environment. I found it quite relaxing to play Evidence 111 in bed just listening and making choices as the game progressed. At times too relaxing as I fell asleep a couple of times, albeit this might have more to do with Covid than the game being slow. Recommended to those who want something different, and definitively to those visually impaired.

Oksana Ryan

This is a relaxing game which allows the player to close their eyes and just listen to the story. I wore my AirPods in a quiet room, which was the perfect way to play. The storyline was intriguing, the actors were very professional and gave a polished performance (if a tad over the top at times) and the background music gave an air of mystery. The interaction was indicated by a fingerprint and choices were made by sliding onto the path you wanted to follow.

Playability is high because of the multiple choices you have and the various strings of the direction you can take to change the outcome, which adds to the value for money offered in this game. So far I am loving this game, and will definitely be trying some of the variations. I think the game is fairly priced against both audio games and audiobooks, because of the quality storyline and the multiple endings. I’d definitely recommend it.

Jason Rosner

Evidence 111 is an interactive audio game that was recently released across mobile devices. It’s designed in a choose-your-own-adventure style where you are presented with choices as you come to certain breaks in the narrative. I really enjoyed my time playing detective, wanting to know what happens next. I found myself turning up the volume as I didn’t want to miss any details all the way until the very end.

The story itself and the voice acting are both excellent which truly creates quite an experience, and additionally, there are multiple endings to come back to. Don’t expect any visuals or graphics here. While I feel it could have used some of the beautifully illustrated scenes that are presented on the App Store listing, I recognize that this may have gone against what the devs were going for.

Mark Abukoff

This manages to be a choose-your-own-adventure and audio drama at the same time. The story is good, the voice talent is first-rate. But what really impressed me is the moodiness. I’ve always been a fan of old-time radio mysteries, listened to in the dark, that fire up your imagination for faces and settings. And this nails that experience very well. Plus the fact that your choices throughout (made through simple swipes on the fingerprints in the centre of the screen) lead to several different endings. Winner. Try the sample, and I’m sure you’ll want to buy the full experience.

Michael Purdy

What if audible sold choose-your-own-adventure novels? Evidence 111 is a purely audible experience with virtually no graphics, only audio design and a simple swiping mechanic for making decisions. The audio design is very good. Like a well-produced radio drama. Very well done.

Robert Maines

Evidence 111 is basically a choose-your-own-adventure in audio. There are no graphics to speak of but there is an option to switch on help for partially sighted people. As you listen you will get the opportunity to make decisions at certain points in the game by swiping on the screen. There are 10 alternate endings.

These sorts of games rise or fall in how interesting the story is. In this case, it’s a thriller that starts with a police officer getting blackmailed to retrieve evidence. The voice cast does an excellent job of immersing the player in the story. Recommended.

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