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Everdale - How to create or leave a valley?

Confused about how to create or leave a valley in Everdale? We got you covered.

Everdale - How to create or leave a valley?
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Everdale is a collaborative mobile building simulation game developed and published by Supercell that has just been soft-launched in selected regions. If you have got your hands on the game and are struggling to figure out how to create a valley or leave a valley in Everdale, then don’t worry! We are here with a step-by-step guide to help you.


Once you reach Study level four and complete ‘The Valley’ research, the game will automatically add you to a valley. The valley is the core aspect of the game, where you play alongside nine other players and set about making yours the best in the game.

However, sometimes you won’t find good neighbours. Some of the valley players may not contribute to the combined progress at all, and some might even go inactive for days. This is when you should start looking to shift to a new valley.

Everdale Valley gameplay

How to leave a valley in Everdale?

The process of leaving a valley and joining another is quite easy. However, new players find it a bit difficult since there are no guides or explanations about it in the game. Anyway, here are the steps to leave and join another valley in Everdale:

  • Go to your current valley by clicking on the ‘valley button’ at the bottom right side of the screen
  • Click on the group icon (Blue button at the left bottom)
  • Go to the ‘Browse Valleys’ tab
  • Now search or choose a valley and click on the ‘join valley’ button

That is it. The game will now automatically remove you from the previous valley and put you in a new one.

How to create a valley in Everdale?

There is no way to create a Valley in Everdale since the game automatically generates new ones.

That is it for this post. Stay tuned with us for more Tips and Tricks, and guides on Everdale.