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Engineer Millionaire is the steampunk idle spinner that makes managing intricate machinery fun

Engineer Millionaire is the steampunk idle spinner that makes managing intricate machinery fun

Are you an aspiring tycoon with a knack for getting the wheel spinning? Engineer Millionaire is the new idle spinner from Airapport that puts this to the test, where you are challenged with building the most elaborate machines and contraptions engineered in the steampunk style. It’s an idle spinner for iOS and Android where creating connections is extremely relaxing.

Getting things going in Engineer Millionaire is as simple as spinning the cogwheels, which will see you accumulate the funds needed to keep the money production machine working. Coins you earn go to your storage, kept safe until you feel efficient enough to add even more cogwheels and interconnected elements to accumulate money even faster. The elaborate madness is brought to life using a charming 2D art style.

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Just be careful that your ambition isn’t your downfall. You see, the temptation in Engineer Millionaire might be to go big, but a larger contraption also requires greater attention and more management. Striking the right balance is where success in Engineer Millionaire lies, and depth like this is what saw the game get third place at the Big Indie Pitch at Sweden Game Arena 2018.

The ultimate aim in Engineer Millionaire is to create the most efficient steampunk machine that requires the least amount of supervision. Building electric amplifiers, for instance, can increase the coins values automatically, while connecting a steam engine to a cogwheel row will see your machine earn money in the idle mode available. How extravagant will your magnum opus end up?

Hone your engineering skills to become a millionaire tycoon. Engineer Millionaire is free to download from the Google Play, App Store and Amazon today!