Empires & Puzzles' Tower of Magic event will challenge players to climb many floors from September 15th

Empires & Puzzles' Tower of Magic event will challenge players to climb many floors from September 15th

Empires & Puzzles is receiving yet another in-game event following their recent limited-time challenge, Starfall Circus. This new event, called Tower of Magic, will go live on September 15th and will be available to play until 20th September.

A perfect blend of danger and mystery, Tower of Magic will bring an entire family of wizards, sorcerers, clerics, and druids to the game in a tower stronghold. This building will have a lot of different floors, each with unique and challenging puzzles that you must solve before moving to the next level.

While clearing levels is a requirement to move up the tower stronghold, beating them will also provide players with numerous enhancements like strength from boosted attacks or fortified defenses. The tower consists of 25 floors but for all your extremists, there are 50 additional floors to conquer. These floors have been termed “extreme” and will be much more advanced and challenging than the 25 regular floors. For all you completionists, there’s a grand total of 75 grueling floors. No time to waste!

Discussing the event, Jose Saarniniemi, the Managing Director of Small Giant Games said, “Tower of Magic evolves the Empires & Puzzles gameplay concept first introduced in our Ninja Tower event by transporting players to an enchanted fortification with 75 floors of increasing challenge.” “This new event empowers players to unleash magical new heroes and powers, taking them to the next level of match-3 gameplay.”

Using gems or the tower special coins obtained from mastering floors, players can summon 10 new heroes, including Nadezhda the Tower Headmaster, Anastasia the Apprentice Summoner and Milena the Teacher of the Arcane Arts. Each of these heroes has a class-specific skill like providing health to team members or summoning magical minions into battle.

Fly into Zynga’s Empires & Puzzles and become a wizard! Download the game for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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