Elven Chronicles to come to European mobiles

New screens released as Swedish publisher GlobalFun takes on the RPG

Elven Chronicles to come to European mobiles
| Elven Chronicles

We first talked about Elven Chronicles back in May, but we weren't 100 per cent sure then if the game would ever tell its tale in this part of the world.

Thankfully the Swedes, who've already given us so much (such as flatpack furniture and, erm, a turnip-like root vegetable) have now stepped in to ensure the RPG will definitely roll its dice in Europe, as well as the rest of the world.

Developed by experienced studio Big Blue Bubble and originally due to launch in summer but now slated for October, Eleven Chronicles sees you donning the helm of a young knight who's teamed up with a magician to challenge his unfair exile from the kingdom. We're promised 20 hours of play, including huge territories to explore, randomly generated dungeons and hundreds of enemies.

There will also be downloadable content to keep the chronicles coming.

Unusually for a mobile title, Eleven Chronicles has its own website, which you're welcome to check out. But do come back!