Elven Chronicles tells its tale on mobile

Huge-looking roleplaying game to feature the little people

Elven Chronicles tells its tale on mobile
| Elven Chronicles

Blame Tolkien. Before The Lord of the Rings, elves were impish folk who lived in a world of mushrooms – rather like certain bearded geography students. But after being Tolkien-ised, elves were six-foot tall bat-eared Armani models who could barely strum a lyre before going out to battle a dragon.

Elven Chronicles, due this summer, looks very much in the latter vein, rather than being the garden gnome simulator your great-great-great-grandparents might have expected (if they were prescient enough to envisage a mobile phone, that is).

It's the tale of Rogan, a young human knight seeking to discover the secrets of his forgotten past. (He worked in an Indian restaurant? No, we josh. Rogan Josh? Oh, you're one of our American readers. Cool, one day you can explain baseball to us in return!). Jada, an elf maid spellcaster on a quest for redemption, accompanies Rogan on the subsequent RPG romp.

Elven Chronicles promises to be absolutely massive for a mobile title, with that full epic Elven story told over 20 hours of gameplay, huge world maps, and random dungeons too.

You'll be able to slash and fireball over 100 different enemies, and naturally there'll be all the countless weapons and armour to discover and discard that you'd hope for in a game like this.

And what kind of game is that? Well, from what we've seen so far, Elven Chronicles looks a bit like the Super Nintendo classic Secrets of Mana. Click "Track It!" above to discover if it's anything like as good when we review it.