Elune is a dimension-hopping monster-hunting RPG for iOS and Android

An epic adventure awaits

Elune is a dimension-hopping monster-hunting RPG for iOS and Android
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GAMEVIL's Elune is an expansive RPG that lets you become a dimension-hopping monster hunter. I could probably stop right there and you'd already be totally sold on it, but I'm going to natter on for a bit longer anyway.

You play as an Elune, a hero whose job it is to maintain justice, go on lengthy quests, and ultimately restore some peace and order to the dimensions that they travel to. Speaking of dimensions, there are seven to explore in total, and each is visually distinct and packed full of unique enemies and bosses to take on in intense combat. They're all broken up into a varied selection of stages where you'll be teaming up with elite Elunes to take on increasingly tricky missions.

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And you won't just be stuck with the one Elune as there are over 200 to collect, train, enhance, evolve, and customise to your heart's desire. Every legendary Elune comes with their own impressive skills and beautifully composed combat cutscenes, so they're absolutely worth seeking out and testing.

You also have the option to take on other players in Elune's 5v5 PvP mode. Here, you'll make use of your best strategies to defeat rival teams of fierce human players. Though if you're not the competitive type, the main story mode will keep you busy for hours on end.

Pre-registering ahead of launch will get you 100,000 gold and 100 aeons to give you a handy leg up on the competition. Oh, and you'll also get 10 premium Elune summons, which I'm told is a lot. This one launches globally on July 23rd, so we won't have to wait too long to delve into its huge dimension-hopping adventure.

Here's the link to GAMEEVIL's official site. The game's App Store page isn't actually up yet, but Android players have the option to pre-register now over on Google Play.

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