Edge returns to iPhone as EDGY, Apple policy is 'horribly unfair'

Independent game developers association hits out at Apple over Langdell row

Edge returns to iPhone as EDGY, Apple policy is 'horribly unfair'
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Despite the overwhelming odds stacked against it Mobigame has once again managed to get its award-winning puzzle game Edge back on iPhone. Following the latest removal, which has so far gone unexplained by Apple (even to Mobigame itself), the game returns to us now as EDGY.

Ultimately, the important thing is Mobigame is back out there selling its first-class puzzler, but the situation has raised a lot of questions not only in regard to Tim Langdell's dubious copyright trolling, but also about Apple's policies when it comes to third party complaints.

That both Edge and Nalin Sharma's Killer Edge Racing were dropped from the App Store on the whim of a third party has raised the hackles of independent game developers association Indivision, which is concerned about Apple's apparent willingness to remove products from the App Store at the whim of a random and unsubstantiated complaint.

"We find it quite shocking that regardless of any proper evidence to backup his claims, or successful legal action, Langdell has managed to get these games removed from the Appstore," says Indivision's Richard Hill-Whittall. "We are also concerned about Apple’s policy of removing games at the mere request of a third party – potentially destroying the livelihood of these independent game developers in the process.

"Further to this, Apple often do not even respond to the developers when asked to clarify why they have removed the games from the Appstore," Hill-Whittall continues.

"We feel this policy is wrong, and horribly unfair to these developers, and it is time for Apple to come forward and explain their position clearly."

It's probably safe to assume that Apple wouldn't roll over so quickly if it wanted to release an iEdge device, so Indivision's issue is very real, and well worth making.

Welcome back, EDGY. Let's hope it's here to stay.