Edge iPhone game developer Mobigame: Langdell ‘still harrassing’ Apple

Round and round we go

Edge iPhone game developer Mobigame: Langdell ‘still harrassing’ Apple
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A couple of days ago, it emerged that for the 9,513th time Edge has been removed from the App Store. Nobody was able to say why, but it’s likely that its disappearance has something to do with Tim Langdell, who purports to hold the copyright for the word ‘edge’ in a videogame context.

We asked Mobigame’s David Papazian for comment, and his official reply is depressingly slim on both surprises and concrete information.

“Apple approved the game with its new title "Edge by Mobigame". Yesterday 25th of November, Mobigame was really surprised to learn that Apple decided to pull it off, they did not give us any reason yet,” Papazian writes. “We only know that Tim Langdell is still harassing Apple Inc. and we cannot blame them to be so prudent.”

Papazian goes on to advertise the Edge soundtrack and Mobigame’s follow up Cross Fingers (which Fraser, Chris and I will be talking about next week on the podcast) before reiterating his claim in the validity of his case.

“We remain convinced that we are and at all were times entitled to use the name "Edge" and we are determined to continue our efforts to fight for that right and to support those who have been similarly affected. However in the meantime we want consumers to have the opportunity to enjoy the game again and we will study all the possibilities.”