iPhone's Edge removed from App Store again

Hit puzzle game disappears over the edge

iPhone's Edge removed from App Store again
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That's right, folks. It appears the lawyers are running low on champagne and caviar, so they've descended on Mobigame's beleaguered, award-winning puzzle game Edge, which is now gone from the App Store once again.

On the dawn of Mobigame's new title, Cross Fingers, hitting the App Store Edge has mysteriously vanished, though even the developer isn't sure why.

"We did not do anything but we will try to figure out what's happening," the developer Tweeted last night when its game's absence came to light.

The previous copyright dispute with Tim Langdell has yet to reach any official conclusion. The game was returned to the App Store when Mobigame decided enough was enough, but evidently not all parties agreed.

A lawsuit has been thrown back at Langdell from gaming giant EA, which has also had a legal elbowing over its game Mirror's Edge, while the game development community has rallied around Mobigame by publicly poking fun at the trademark tyrant.

We've contacted Mobigame to find out more, so we'll keep you posted.

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