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Ears and Burgers review - "More than meets the eye"

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Ears and Burgers review - "More than meets the eye"

Don't you just hate when cooking games start to get repetitive? This game, for instance, it's about feeding hungry bunnies endless towers of hamburgers. Those are probably a dime a dozen these days.

In all seriousness, this is a weird game. I'm talking about Ears and Burgers, a game developed by Crescent Moon Games where you have to feed rabbits ungodly amounts of human junk food. And that's it. That's the whole game.

Okay, it's got a little more than that, but the core game is just about hungry bunnies eating junk food. Yes, I was sceptical at first, too, but it's better than it sounds, I promise.

Ears and Burgers gameplay

Easy to play, difficult to master

The core gameplay is so simple; it's kind of refreshing. In a world with such complex, demanding mobile games like The Pathless or XCOM 2, it's nice to get simpler games every now and then.

Ears and Burgers reminds you of the classic endless games on the App Store. And in that true old fashion, this game is easy to start playing but hard to master. Even though the core gameplay is just tapping on your screen, giving rabbits the ingredients they want, some levels can be more challenging.

You'll need to be quick and accurate with each rabbit's order, or you'll lose that stage. Fortunately, the controls are fast and responsive. Developers made sure that if you lose, it's because you're bad at the game, and you'll only have yourself.

Each level has different stages, and at the end of each stage, you'll earn some gold, experience, and diamonds you can then use to buy stuff from the store or unlock new worlds. Each world focuses on a different food item. Sometimes it's burgers other times it's tacos, but it's always weird. There are also boss battles where you may or may not prepare food for a rabbit riding a snail. You know, pretty standard gaming stuff.

Even though tapping is the only thing you'll do, Crescent Moon Games does an excellent job keeping things interesting. Sometimes you'll need to tap the ingredients; other times, you'll have to tap elsewhere to get rid of them if the rabbits want them. Sometimes, you'll see all your ingredients on your screen, and other times you'll have to choose between two ingredients that appear randomly or ingredients that randomly switch.

You'll also get hard levels where you need to pay attention to the ingredients, rabbits, and the recipe, and other times you'll give a rabbit a sandwich with nothing more than two pieces of bread.

Although it keeps it fresh, it's just the same gameplay at the end of the day, so you might get bored after playing for a while. So it's best if you play Ears and Burgers just to kill time instead of trying to beat it in one go.

Beautiful, weird, little game

Other than its gameplay, Ears and Burgers also has unique aesthetics. The music's alright, albeit it's nothing to write home about. The graphics, on the other hand, are pretty sweet. The art style and animations are so good you almost forget how weird everything else is. Almost.

Still, You can clearly see that the team focused a lot on the graphics, which paid off. Everything from the map to the food and the snail-riding rabbit look excellent.

Ears and Burgers review

Overall, there's more to Ears and Burgers than meets the eye. I came expecting an endless type of game that would be fun for a couple of minutes. But this game is surprisingly entertaining. Even though the gameplay might get repetitive from time to time, I found myself wanting to keep playing just to move to another world, buy stuff or get new achievements.

Not every game needs to be a triple-A masterpiece with complex gameplay and an intrinsic story at the end of the day. Sometimes, all you want to do is feed rabbits some burgers. And that's okay. It may not be the best game of the year, but it will surely keep you entertained (and possibly wondering why you're enjoying such a weird game).

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Ears and Burgers review - "More than meets the eye"

At first glance, Ears and Burgers is pretty and weird, but after you play it you realize is just pretty weird. Even though it's a pretty simple game, it's still fun to play and you're probably going to like it.
Sergio Velasquez
Sergio Velasquez
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