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Ears and Burgers is a quirky new culinary puzzler out now for iOS

Ears and Burgers is a quirky new culinary puzzler out now for iOS
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Crescent Moon Games has released Ears and Burgers, a new cooking game that’s also extremely quirky, for iOS devices. You can now download it for iPhone and iPad from the App Store.

It is the strange follow-up to Kebab Games’ medieval battler, Marginalia Hero, which itself was quite the quirky action game. In Ears and Burgers, you cook delicious food for a group of unpredictable little rabbits. You must make them burgers, sandwiches, pizza, sushi, tacos, and much more to fill their bellies. As gluttons, these critters will eat more and more food, so it’s best to try and feed them as much as possible without being overwhelmed.

But they also have sensitive taste buds too, so be sure not to add any wrong ingredients or make a worse meal. If you do, there might be some dire consequences.

You can check out a video for Ears and Burgers from the embedded tweet above. As you can see, the game uses a hand-drawn art style that gives it the impression of a children’s storybook, complete with pencil-coloured aesthetics.

Meanwhile, the game also has bonus levels, challenges and bosses in addition to the regular crazy recipes you have to concoct, as well as five locations and a pile of collectible items, so you won’t be starved for content any time soon.

You can download Ears and Burgers now from the iOS App Store. It is a paid title which costs £1.99.

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