Duskwood, Everbyte's interactive thriller game, has released its ninth episode on iOS and Android

Duskwood, Everbyte's interactive thriller game, has released its ninth episode on iOS and Android
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The highly anticipated ninth episode of Duskwood, Everbyte's interactive thriller game, has now been released for both iOS and Android devices. The latest update adds more twists and turns to the main storyline, giving the community more reasons to dive into the game's masterful storytelling.

Chart-topping Duskwood boasts over 1 million active players who are tasked to crack a kidnapping case in the modern detective game. It features a wide variety of characters and tons of mysterious leads to look into, using different multimedia such as voice messages, video chats, images, and phone calls. You'll have to decipher clues to find the kidnapper even as you yourself become a target in the case.

The game also features intriguing profiles of people you can look into to know more about them, as well as a Spy Mode to help you gain access to sensitive data. You can also put your skills to the test with challenging mini-games - these puzzles can unlock additional story segments and helpful hints that may prove invaluable to your case.

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Duskwood is available to download on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases, available in English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Polish and French. You also won't need to have an Internet connection to enjoy the game.

If you're eager to know more about the title or the latest episode, you can have a look at the teaser trailer embedded above, or join the community of followers over on the game's official Facebook page.

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