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Survive in an age of dinosaurs in open-world, sandbox MMO Durango: Wild Lands


Survive in an age of dinosaurs in open-world, sandbox MMO Durango: Wild Lands
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If you've ever wanted to survive in a world filled with deadly dinosaurs then, well, you've probably already played some of the games out there like that. However, you probably haven't done that on a mobile phone. Here's where Nexon and What! Studio (yes, I don't know how you would pronounce that either) come in.

Durango: Wild Lands is an open-world, sandbox MMO which has you and a variety of other players each trying to carve out a home after an unexplained space-time distortion dumps you into a world of slightly angry dinosaurs. This becomes your standard click-to-mine, scavenge-to-craft affair quite quickly, however the threat of the dinosaurs remains a constant during your time playing.

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As you can see in the trailer, most dinosaurs require a team effort to fell at the start, but if you persist in your efforts then you can end up like an aRPG powerhouse. You can also ride the dinos.

It's all a little bit Ark for me, however the isometric-style camera angle really adds something more to the game, and PVP isn't densely laced throughout the game. Nor are there any starvation mechanics. Durango is definitely outside of the confines of the normal survival genre. The game also carries the air of 90s RPGs, with their static, pre-rendered backgrounds and intricate combat options. Yet, it's also visually miles ahead of those titles, with impressive weather effects and animations.

The team behind Durango have indicated that they intend to continue developing the game world, adding more islands, dinosaurs and recipes to the game as the players expand through the existing content.

Durango: Wild Lands is free to download on both Android and iPhone devices, you can find out more on the game's official site (including links to download)
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