Durango cheats, tips - Four things to craft ASAP

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Durango cheats, tips - Four things to craft ASAP

As soon as you drop into Durango, get these items crafted

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Durango is a brand new mobile survival game from the legends at Nexon, and we're saying it's pretty damn good.

Durango allows us to feel like a real survivalist with loads of quests and dozens upon dozens of things to craft. This is a game that can keep you occupied for hours and hours.

When it comes to survival though, crafting is essential. Build shelter, build weapons, and build a means to live in a crazy world. In this guide, we'll give you the four things you should craft as soon as you possibly can.

Crafty business


Crafting is a central mechanic in Durango. In order to survive in an absurd dinosaur world, you'll need to create the tools for survival. In addition to food and stuff, you know, the usual.

You can make a variety of things, including clothing, weapons, equipment, you know, absolutely everything you'll need to create and protect a domain of your own, and go toe to toe with the dangerous beasts waiting in the wilds.

In order to craft, you'll need materials, but that's no issue since you can pick materials up from everywhere. Just wander around the overworld and you'll soon find plenty of things to collect materials from.

In the early game you'll be collecting a lot, as you'll be getting easy experience from it, in addition to those precious materials.

If you keep collecting materials, levelling up, and ensuring you're up to date with your unlocked skills, then you'll soon be able to craft some important items, which we have listed below.

Once you get into the game, complete the tutorial, then get your skills expanded and craft these items as soon as possible. They'll help loads in the very near future.

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Inventory space is limited, my friends. If you want to be able to carry more things, you'll need a bag.

You'll be able to make the leaf bag pretty early on, and it's great when you're carrying around a bunch of food and materials for crafting at all times.


The hoe is a simple garden tool. We all know and love it, thanks to Harvest Moon. And it's function here is just as you'd expect.

You'll be able to craft simple farmland with a hoe, allowing you to grow food from seeds. This will help your food situation greatly.


Remember how we mentioned inventory space is limited? Well eventually even a bag won't cut it.

That's when you'll need a basket. You can leave a basket back at your camp, and then fill it with everything you've found on your adventure when you get back. Well, I say everything, but it's limited too. Maybe get several baskets…


Basic armour is going to be essential if you're going to throw down against all manner of Jurassic beasties.

You'll be able to craft the leaf armour pretty early on, and it'll be better than nothing while you're moving through untamed land.

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