How to play the new Jurassic survival game, Durango

| Durango
How to play the new Jurassic survival game, Durango

Beat down dinosaurs and survive the untamed with our guide

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If you're looking for a new mobile timesink to play while you're out and about, look no further than Durango, a survival game from mobile experts at Nexon.

Placed in a dinosaur filled world you're tasked with survival, as escape is impossible. It's honestly a pretty high quality and engaging experience.

You can download Durango today, and put hours into building up your camp and improving your character. Right here you will find the information you need that the tutorial doesn't necessarily make obvious. Read on for everything you need to know.

What is Durango?


Durango is the latest survival game from Korean kings, Nexon. This time you'll be surviving in a dinosaur filled world reminiscent of Jurassic Park, except with weird portals I guess.

Once you're in the world you'll have to go through a rather lengthy tutorial, but once that's over, you're free to do things at your own pace, and the world quickly expands.

You'll be exploring and conquering several islands, gathering materials, crafting tools, and then killing the dinosaur inhabitants. You know, the usual.

After that you'll be cooking meat, delivering quest items, just completely covering all the bases, you know.

Surviving in a world filled with dinosaurs is no simple task, as you will have to build a camp and fortify it against your enemies, and then learn how to defeat them in combat. Luckily, melee combat won't be too difficult here.

There's a lot to learn in Durango, but if you keep playing, completing quests, and levelling up skills, you'll make quick progress.

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Survival is the aim of the game, and to do that, well, don't get killed. That's the best idea, anyway.

Know your limits. Don't just run into battle against foes you can't take down. The quests offer a pretty good idea of the enemy progression you should follow.

Make sure to drink water, wash, and use tents and bonfires to rest regularly. In addition to eating, of course.

The basics

There's a small maginifying glass icon in the bottom right. Tapping this will gives names to everything you can interact with in the world.

This is essential to actually finding everything, as things have a tendency to blend in with the environments.

Tap things and then tap what you want to extract from them. Once you've exhausted one of the things you can extract, it disappears. But you could extracts all but one of every item, and still have it standing…

Essential skills

Skills will allow you to gather more things, craft more items, equip better tools, use more powerful attacks - everything.

Honestly, check the skills menu regularly, and buy up every skill you can - they will all become invaluable by the end game.

They will speed up your progress through the game massively, so skill up whenever you can.

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