Durango: Wild Lands cheats, tips - Getting good loot early

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Durango: Wild Lands cheats, tips - Getting good loot early

Get great loot as soon as you start

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Dinosaurs and survival. They go together like peanut butter and jam. They should never go together - dinosaurs are notoriously bad at survival, and anyone who disagrees is a fool. Also, dinosaur movies make me think humans wouldn't be very good at survival either.

But despite that we have Durango, a mobile game that pushes you to become a harsh survivalist in a Jurassic world. Not like the movie though.

In this guide we're gonna walk you through the essential loot you need. Without the right gear, weapons and tools, you won't get very far. If you're a new player, you'll be able to get the loot you need fast with these tips.

The loot you need


You need certain tools or pieces of loot for pretty much everything. You will already know that the basic gameplay will involve a lot of mining for resources, and those factor into absolutely everything.

You'll use the resources you mine to craft new items, and you'll continually learn to make even newer items from the skill tree menu.

But that's not all, those resources might even resolve quests in and of themselves.

But what you can craft is most important. The things you craft will give you access to new ways to play, and new mechanics to interact with.

For example, you can farm on land in your domain, once you have the skill to farm. But before even that, you'll need to craft a hoe from the resources you've collected.

So, first thing you should do? Collect plenty of resources, spend your skill points on new things to craft, and then craft everything you possibly can.

But lucky for you, crafting isn't the only way to acquire items in this game. It is, after all, a multiplayer experience, and you might be able to find help from others in game, or from your clan.

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Very skilled

We've already mentioned you can learn new things to craft through skills, and it really can't be understated how important this is.

You will even gain skills which allow you to mine more resources from dinosaurs and plants, thus further increasing the kinds of things you can craft.

Ignoring skills will quickly limit how far you can progress in the game.

Crafting fast

As soon as you begin the game, just go into the wilderness and collect things. You'll find it beneficial quite quickly, as you can easily level up multiple times early on just from collecting items.

Once you've got a full bag, you should be crafting everything you possibly can, even multiples of items if need be.

This will quickly level up your experience with crafting, and level you up in general. Before you know it, you'll be much more capable then when you started - with a bunch of tools for more crafting and progression.

Where there's people…

Once you head to the untamed islands, you'll see plenty of other people. Not exactly a surprise, this is a multiplayer game.

But people will often need to drop items from their bags in order to make space, and these dropped items and free for anyone to loot.

Become a regular near camps, and you'll regularly see abandoned items, many of which will contain crafting resources, or tools other players didn't want. A great boost early on in the game.

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