Devolver Digital announces new mobile game: Dungeon Hearts

Fall in love with questing in early 2013

Devolver Digital announces new mobile game: Dungeon Hearts
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Do you fancy playing a brothel simulator set in the Middle Ages? Well, tell Fork Parker of Devolver Digital that you do, because that's what his company's recently announced Dungeon Hearts title started out life as.

"The original pitch was for Dungeon Hearts to be a medieval brothel simulator," Parker claims. "I recommended we shift development towards the puzzle / RPG hybrid because medieval brothel simulators just don't sell any more."

Developed by indie startup Cube Roots, Dungeon Hearts is scheduled to land on "mobile platforms" in early 2013.

According to Parker, Dungeon Hearts is a "limitless adventure", whose gameplay will focus on the alignment of three gems. By aligning this trio of precious stones, you can execute devastating attacks on enemies and advance through quests.

Promising 99 character levels and countless unlockables for creating new scenarios in Dungeon Hearts, Devolver and Cube Roots are looking to provide plenty of replay value in their puzzle / RPG mash-up.

Whether mobile gamers will be enamoured enough with Dungeon Hearts to repeatedly dive back into it, however, remains to be seen.

Ryan Sandrey
Ryan Sandrey
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