DragonSpear: Myu is an idle RPG set for global release

Customise, take control and save the world

DragonSpear: Myu is an idle RPG set for global release
  • DragonSpear: Myu is an upcoming idle RPG finally hitting global launch
  • You play as cynical huntress Myu as you fight to save both our world and that of Paldion
  • Customise your huntress and take control during crucial moments to carry the day

Developer Game2gather has unveiled its latest global release with its self-developed and self-published game DragonSpear: Myu (no relation to Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear). An idle RPG featuring a single main character, it boasts a huge amount of customisability. But will it sink or swim internationally?

Set in the Korean district of Gangnam (yes the same one from the Psy song), you play as Myu, a cynical huntress wielding a giant pair of scissors who has fallen into our world through a dimensional rift. You'll need to take control of Myu and battle to save the world, now connected to your home of Paldion, by battling through monsters and man alike!

And yes, DragonSpear: Myu also boasts of having a mix of idle RPG action as well as full-fledged player-controlled battles. You can take control of Myu in high-octane moments to direct her positioning, or just sit back and watch the action take place.

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You'll also get the chance to customise Myu with a variety of costumes and accessories to make your own particular huntress really stand out.

Chasing the dragon

DragonSpear: Myu definitely looks impressive, and it's rare to find an idle RPG where you play as (and customise) a single character. So we're intrigued to see what it looks like come release. But at the same time, DragonSpear: Myu is also leaping into very well-trodden territory, so we're wondering just whether it'll be able to stand out in such a saturated market.

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