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Dragonheir: Silent Gods' Closed Beta Test II is announced to begin on May 24th

Dragonheir: Silent Gods' Closed Beta Test II is announced to begin on May 24th

Nuverse has announced that its upcoming open world, strategy RPG, Dragonheir: Silent Gods, will be launching its Closed Beta Test II for Android and Windows in select regions on May 24 at 2:00 a.m. (UTC+0), giving fans an early chance to explore the game’s high-fantasy world that comes with high-precision character models, seasonal content, and in-depth strategic combat. Data will not be wiped after the CBT II, and multi-language support will be available.

What's more, the development team has also shared that they’ve created keyboard and mouse-based control schemes for desktop versions of the game to provide players with precise and customisable controls based on their preferred playstyle. They have also announced that besides the iOS version, they will release a native Mac version of the game for global launch. It was also announced that on the incredible Apple silicon Mac lineup, Dragonheir: Silent Gods is native on Mac and takes full advantage of Metal — software that powers hardware-accelerated graphics on Apple platforms — resulting in smooth and responsive gameplay with high frame rates and stunning visuals. Leveraging technology, such as Metal FX Upscaling, Variable Refresh Rate, and Spatial Audio, players will experience enhanced graphics and a more immersive audio experience.

Besides being able to enjoy the vast open world, high-quality cutscenes, and visually stunning character models, players taking part in the Closed Beta Test II will also be able to join or create alliances with other players. By joining an alliance, exclusive weekly quests and occasional tournaments - such as The Sparkle Tournament - will be made available to gain Alliance Experience as well as silver pieces, which can be spent on rewards in the Alliance Shop.

When it comes to the content, players will be able to experience new stories, maps, heroes, and objectives with every new season with the very first season (Season 0) commencing with the CBTII. At the start of a new season, all of the heroes unlocked in the game will be preserved but will be reset to level 1 and there will be rewards gifted to every player based on the progress made from the previous season.

Combat is a strategic semi-real-time affair, where players will need to find the most tactical grid placement as well as the right combination of heroes and skills to take down their enemies. Epic boss fights and thrilling PvP arenas also await those who are looking for a challenge.

As for the CBT II, players on Android and Windows can soon join in on all the fun, with the native Mac version coming upon the game's official release. If you're keen on learning more, you can pre-register for Dragonheir: Silent Gods on the official website, join the game’s official Discord channel, or add it to your wishlist on Steam.