Dragonborne expands to Steam, no longer a Game Boy exclusive

Dragonborne expands to Steam, no longer a Game Boy exclusive
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Dragonborne from Spacebot Interactive is a retro RPG that was developed for the original Nintendo Game Boy hardware, and now it’s received a release on Steam.

For owners of the original Nintendo Game Boy, it feels like a dream come true that new games are still coming out supporting the hardware. However, for many that no longer own that platform and would prefer to be able to play the game natively without using emulators, now is your chance to do so with the Steam release of Dragonborne.

Dragonborne is set in the fantasy region of Argon where you play as Kris, a boy in search of his missing father, the greatest dragon slayer the world has ever known. It’s an 8-bit RPG where you fight in turn-based battles and complete a bunch of quests and puzzles needed in order to progress through the game.

Altogether there is about six hours of gameplay, containing the usual features you might expect from a retro RPG: dozens of enemies, weapon and armour upgrades, ranking systems, collectibles, detailed battle graphics and even multiple endings.

Spacebot Interactive originally launched the game as a physical cartridge release for Game Boy back in October. It was there that you could pre-order the game that was set to ship last month in January. You can still buy the game from the website now, either physically or as a ROM.

Otherwise, you can download the Windows version from Spacebot’s website or on Steam, where it costs £12.

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Olly Smith
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