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MMORPG Dragon Nest M opens pre-registration ahead of its mobile release

MMORPG Dragon Nest M opens pre-registration ahead of its mobile release

There aren’t too many fantasy-set JRPG franchises that can say they’ve ventured into manga, toy merchandise, and even film. Well Dragon Nest has done precisely that, now preparing to make the leap from PC to mobile for the very first time. Open for pre-registration now as Dragon Nest M, the game is set to launch very soon in North America.

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Fully-optimised specifically for iOS and Android devices, Dragon Nest M maintains the 3D adventuring action fans of the series are familiar with, albeit with some subtle changes. The new mobile version features 3D non-targeting, for instance, complete with new stories to experience and fresh challenges to take part in.

You’ll also be able to switch between 2.5D and 3D perspectives while playing, letting you view the action when battling from a perspective that works for you. 2.5D works better for a large-scale view while classic 3D is intended for 1v1 battles.

Interested? You can prove it today by pre-registering for Dragon Nest M’s 2018 launch ahead of time. Those who do so will gain access to exclusive rewards that will come in handy upon release at the end of May, getting a slight leg up on others when delving into this fantasy world.

Be one of the first to play Dragon Nest M on mobile and pre-register for the game now.