Game Insight announces free-to-play cross-platform MMORPG Dragon Eternity

Get your dragon on

Game Insight announces free-to-play cross-platform MMORPG Dragon Eternity
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Russian publisher Game Insight has revealed Dragon Eternity, a truly cross-platform MMORPG for Android, iOS, and HTML5 capable web browsers.

The fantasy-themed MMO casts players as neophyte adventurers in one of two opposing factions – Vaalor and Sadar.

As the two nations compete against one another for land and resources, armies of monsters and bands of bandits will beset both factions, creating a perfect environment to raise a would-be hero in.

In your pocket

Dragon Eternity will offer many of the aspects that have made PC and console MMORPGs popular.

Featuring over 500 different monsters to battle, thousands of quests to play through, various levels of armour to collect, and PvP reputation to maintain, players of Dragon Eternity will not want for things to do.

One interesting gameplay choice is that at launch, there will be three character classes, but you won't be locked into them.

Instead, the items you collect, buy and equip will enable you to experience with the Berserker, Paladin and Witcher classes. And there are six magic systems to try out.

Other options include 10 different mounts and six dragon types. You adopt these as pets and can then use them in the turn-based battle gameplay.

Play nice

Additionally, Dragon Eternity will offer a generous amount of content to players not interested in combat - although there will also be five different PVP modes for those who are.

The game will feature a rich crafting system containing over 200 recipes and nine peaceful gathering/crafting jobs to choose from. Players can sell items and armour created through crafting at the in-game auction house.

Although Dragon Eternity is still in development, the web-based version of the game is already in the beta stage and already has over one million test players worldwide.

You can check it out here.