Dragon Ball Legends cheats and tips - Everything beginners need to get started

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Dragon Ball Legends cheats and tips - Everything beginners need to get started
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If you, like me, have always wanted to be a Z Warrior, then you, like me, probably live an incredibly unfulfilled life where each day is born with want and ends with hunger.

But hunger no more my fellow warriors, for Dragon Ball Legends is finally available for us all to enjoy and, yes, it's pretty sweet.

If you're jumping in to the game for the first time, you'll find this breakdown of everything to do in the menu and where to focus your attention very helpful, so get downloading, read on, and you'll soon be every bit as genki as Goku himself.

Dragon Ball Legends Adventure

As you start gathering characters you'll be able to send them off on Adventure missions as you continue with the story or whatever.

Here characters will battle by themselves to earn small rewards and will return to you after a little while. While sent off to Adventure, your character won't be usable, so make sure it's not an essential part of the team, but they should be strong enough to hold their own.


Here you can change the costume or accessories of your main character, Shallot. They don't have any buffs in battle, but you should always look to dress to impress.


In the Story section you'll find both the main story and the Events. The Main Story is where you'll be focusing much of your attention to start with, with fairly simple battles that ramp up in difficulty.

The Events will only be unlocked after you've made some Story progression, and the first event will be one featuring Raditz, complete with interesting flashback scenes so you can see how the story originally played out.

Story and Events will be where you'll spend much of your time to clear Missions, earn EXP and make progress.

Dragon Ball Legends Train

In the training section you can lock away one of your characters for three hours in order to gain experience. Frankly, it's definitely more efficient to go out and drag your characters into battle, but if you're stepping away from the game this is free extra EXP.

You can use Weighted Training Gear in order to speed up or enhance the training session, though these are single-use items.


Ah the missions, here you'll find Beginner Missions, and once you clear through those you'll get Daily, Z Mission, and Event missions.

It might be obvious, but Daily Missions are refreshed once a day, Z Missions are more general missions relating to daily log ins and story progress, while Events are missions tied to the Event mode, naturally. Check in regularly for plenty of rewards to power up your roster.


This is where the training will be put to the test. Not only will you find your battle skills challenged, but how much you've grown your characters, too.

If you want to focus on PvP battles, you're better off levelling up three core characters continually, as a higher power level will make things much easier.

Likewise, if you're getting beat by bigger enemies, training and progressing in the story is what you need.

Dragon Ball Legends Shop

The shop is pretty self-explanatory. Exchange real money for in-game currency. Maybe avoid this section if you can.


Ah this is where the magic happens. You'll exchange your Chrono Crystals for summons, which will add characters to your roster.

Each day you'll get a discounted summon for only 20 Chrono Crystals, so that's worth taking a look at, otherwise summons will cost 100 Crystals each. Yikes.

Dragon Ball Legends Characters

This is where you'll have your full roster hanging out and waiting around for your orders.

Here you can construct parties of six characters each to take into battle, equip characters with items to enhance their abilities, upgrade their base stats through the Soul Boost section, and generally check how your team is doing.

Come back regularly to ensure your DBZ Legends characters are the best they can be, with Soul Boosts actioned, equipment equipped and the strongest power levels in your roster are in your party. Unless you're trying to train weaker characters, of course.

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