Dougie Moo's Aqua Antics now on App Store

English and Dutch iPhone collaboration

Dougie Moo's Aqua Antics now on App Store

UK publisher Chillingo has just announced a partnership with Dutch iPhone developer Rough Cookie to bring Dougie Moo's Aqua Antics to the Apple handset.

The game was apparently designed from the outset with the accelerometer in mind, and involves 30 levels of puzzle-solving underwater action.

"We are extremely excited about Dougie Moo. It has been designed with the iPhone in mind - making full use of the touchscreen and motion-sensitivity of the device, providing a very unique gaming experience for the iPhone user. And yes, it works for the iPod touch too," said Chillingo director, Chris Byatte.

Naturally you take on the role of the eponymous Dougie Moo as you attempt to arrange coloured balls floating on the surface of the water. Sharks, bombs and homing blowfish (that's probably not the euphemism you dirty-minded pocket gamers think it is) all conspire to stop Dougie as his aquatic antics take him through five different worlds of gameplay.

"There hasn't been an original made-for-accelerometer game like this since Super Monkey Ball was launched for the iPhone. Dougie Moo is all about tilting action, addictive gameplay and captivating eye/ear candy. We are very exciting about how it will perform on the App Store," said Marco van Haren, marketing manager of Rough Cookie.

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