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Free iPhone game: Dot 1

Free on Friday 11th March for a few days

Free iPhone game: Dot 1
| Dot 1
App Store description:

A game of survival.™ Beat your best time.™
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.™ is 1/6 of a set of highly rare designer apps.™
A mix of sound, graphics, and addictive game play.™
Simple, fun, pleasing to the eyes/ears/brains at the same time.™
Be part of the experience.™
It's all about the cool'ectable.™
Become one of a few select individuals who can own them all.™
Become one of us.™

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The name of the game is survival.
You are DOT
Blue circles are food.
Red triangles are death.

DOT is hungry and shrinks without food.
Red death will make your DOT hungrier.