WWDC 2009: Doom 3 Resurrected for App Store

Raising two barrels to dark corridors

WWDC 2009: Doom 3 Resurrected for App Store
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John Carmack's love for the gaming potential of the iPhone is well known.

He's already revisited some of id Software's back catalogue in the shape of Wolfenstein 3D Classic, and Doom Classic - which includes downloadable content - should be out in June.

Now however he's announced Doom Resurrection.

Talking to MacWorld during Apple's World Wide Developers Conference, Carmack said the game was a 'from scratch' development using modified versions of the tech and assets from the PC game Doom 3.

The news fits in with plenty of other action when it comes to touchscreen-based first person shooters.

Prey Invasion is now available on the App Store, while we recently played ngmoco's LiveFire (working title) game - which ironically uses the Quake III engine that Carmack previously released as open source. Other PC games rumoured to be coming down the pipe include Serious Sam and possibly even Duke Nukem (current law suits withstanding).

Apparently Doom Resurrection has had a somewhat tricky development process too, with an initial, unnamed studio being replaced by Escalation, which was founded by veterans from another Texan FPS outfit Ritual.

As for Doom Resurrection, it's said to take a parallel plot from Doom 3, although still involving a space marine protecting Earth from invasion from hellish monsters. With big guns. Obviously. The control system is said to be accelerometer-based but there's no news yet concerning how the infamous flashlight will be operated. Strapped to a gun barrel we hope.

Meanwhile MacWorld also reports Carmack is looking to bring other id games to the App Store, including mobile titles such as Orcs & Elves and Doom RPG and new versions of the Quake series. The source code of the iPhone version of Doom Classic will be released into the community as well.

Doom Resurrection should be available from the App Store in July.