Doom Resurrection update to bring new level, challenge mode

Temporary price drop to celebrate announcement

Doom Resurrection update to bring new level, challenge mode

To celebrate the start of id Software's annual gaming showcase QuakeCon in Texas, the company announced plans to update Doom Resurrection with new content and temporarily dropped the game's price.

The latter brings the cost of downloading the on-rails shooter down to £1.79/$2.99 from the original lofty price tag of £5.99/$9.99.

For those who have already been to Hell, there's soon to be a reason to venture back with an update that promises a new level and Challenge mode.

While no details have been provided, we assume given the mode's name that it involves beating back hordes of demonic enemies with a limited supply or ammunition or health or something along those lines.

John Carmack also confessed that a multiplayer mode for Doom Resurrection is "coming later once 3.0 adoption is universal."

id Software also reiterated that work is being done to tailor the original Doom for iPhone. No release date was given.

Another classic game, Wolfenstein 3D is also being promoted during QuakeCon, which lasts through Sunday, August 16. The price has been dropped to 59p/99c.