Doom Classic iPhone hits the App Store in time for Halloween

Trick, or treat?

Doom Classic iPhone hits the App Store in time for Halloween
| Doom Classic

We recently revealed that id Software’s classic shooter Doom Classic had been submitted to Apple for approval, and now - guess what - it’s out. What a treat. That it came out on a Saturday, when everybody's off having fun, is clearly a trick.

Doom Classic contains all three episodes of the original game along with a further episode, called Thy Flesh Consumed. That comes to 36 missions in all. There are three control schemes, all of them customisable.

Naturally, since multiplayer was what made Doom such a hit in the first place there’s multiplayer included in this version, Deathmatch and co-op, but only locally via wi-fi. Online multiplayer may arrive in a future update.

It looks pretty good, and if it’s anything like its predecessor Wolfenstein 3D Classic, it is. Our tireless iPhone editor Tracy Erickson is doubt beheading monsters as we speak in pursuit of a definitive Pocket Gamer verdict. Till that arrives, you can try it out or just browse the App Store description by clicking ‘Buy It!’ below.

It costs £3.99, or $6.99

Rob Hearn
Rob Hearn
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