Doom Classic nearing iPhone release

Will wi-fi multiplayer be included?

Doom Classic nearing iPhone release
| Doom Classic

John Carmack is a busy chap, isn't he? Having just released a brand new iPhone Doom Resurrection game, and spilling the beans on his plans for... well, everything, he's now revealed that Doom Classic is nearing completion.

More exciting, however, is the news that he has it “working with wi-fi multiplayer right now”. However, doubts as to the adoption rate of the necessary iPhone 3.0 software have caused id to hold back on pushing for a release just yet.

“I have no idea about adoption rates right now on 3.0 and if we 3.0 only, do we launch at 2.1? I'm still a little confused what we want to do on that,” said Carmack.

Carmack gave some hint as to the likely course when he revealed that he's a firm believer in releasing functional but incomplete iPhone titles, then adding the required fixes along with additional modes later.

“I do think the right way to do iPhone titles is to launch solid then add features through the upgrades because the upgrades process is painless,” he said. “You go out, fix whatever problems you had in there and add some extra sweetener features in that.”

You'd never guess that he cut his teeth on PC games, would you?