Doom receives 11 new levels in the free add-on Arrival

Doom receives 11 new levels in the free add-on Arrival
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After Bethesda re-released both Doom and Doom II onto mobile and supported them with a fair few patches, they’ve been in a good spot. Now, both titles are looking to enhance their content even further with a free add-on named Arrival.

With a few patches that have enhanced the frame rates for both of the mobile ports along with some new features to celebrate the recent anniversary of the series, both Doom titles are now getting more love in the form of Arrival, an entirely new and original series of 11 new levels, all designed by the legendary classic Doom modder Pavera.

See, technically speaking, Arrival has been out for nearly a year but was originally released as a mod. This update seeks to officially integrate the mod, which has been so loved within the community, even winning a Cacoward last year, into the full game itself. Props where props are due, Bethesda does love the Doom modding community, and seems to support them nicely, as Arrival even features music from another prominent Doom community member, AD_79.

And best of all, as previously mentioned, Arrival is completely free! All you have to do to download it is log into your Bethesda.net account within whichever port of the game you’ve chosen to play, and download the super small file size of about 17MB. All that to say, this is a bunch of new, well-crafted, professionally made levels for more of that lovely, action-packed Doom experience for completely free. Do yourself a favour and give ‘em a shot!

If you’re looking to do so, you can download Doom and Doom II, both priced at $4.99, and on the App Store and Google Play, so get out there and murder some demons!

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