Doodle Jump hops onto the Android Market

Goes green at $3.99

Doodle Jump hops onto the Android Market
| Doodle Jump

It's yet to show up on my UK-located G1, but according to a tweet from developer Lima Sky, the very enjoyable and addictive and million-selling Doodle Jump is now available on the Android Market.

One of the posterchildren games of the iPhone App Store, Doodle Jump has been the charts for months, indeed almost a year; it was released in March 2009.

With the pressure on for Google to show the Android Market is a viable option for developers, it will interesting to see how well the game sells, especially as it's priced at $3.99 compared to 99c on the App Store.

Still, at least you'll be getting multiple iPhone updates all combined in one.

Igor from Lima Sky also says, the game will be updated, although their frequency will be determined by the interest shown.

To-date most evidence suggests the majority of downloaded Android games and apps are free; and some research reckons Android owners aren't really that interested in games; compared to iPhone and BlackBerry owners that is.

Publisher GameHouse (the rebranded RealArcade) won't be too singularly concerned though as it's also bringing Doodle Jump to BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Brew and Java.