Don't Move will show you what truly makes a game addictive

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Don't Move will show you what truly makes a game addictive
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Depending on who you ask, Don't Move is either terrible or genius.

You're a ninja, resting as still as a rock in the middle of a torch-lit corridor. You can't help but remember the name of the game: Don't Move.

But nothing happens.

So, you move a little, edging closer to the edge of the screen.

And then... BANG! Your ninja is a pile of pixels on the floor. You moved. You died. Now what?

Don't Move

For some people, I'm sure that's where Don't Move will end. But if you disobey the game's simple instruction a few more times, you'll notice that a number and a padlock icon appear in the corner of the screen.

Attempt to move five more times and you'll unlock... something. In that moment, the game has grabbed you.

Ten minutes later and you're deliberately killing the ninja over and over just to watch an experience bar go up, to unlock medals, to gain trophies.

What you don't realise is that Don't Move employs a trick that many games employ. It's called "player investment manipulation".

All it takes is the promise of a prize for performing an action. In an RPG, that action is killing rats or boars. In a puzzle game, it's matching candies. In action games, it's shooting army dudes.

Don't Move explores the addictive nature of games and boils them down to an essence. Not necessarily as criticism, mind. More for exploration and experimentation purposes.

What do you think: is it smart or just stupid?

You can purchase Don't Move on Google Play right now for 61p / 99c.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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