Disney Pixel RPG is an upcoming retro-inspired title from the creators of Teppen

GungHo Entertainment are billed as developers for the game, slated to release this year

Disney Pixel RPG is an upcoming retro-inspired title from the creators of Teppen
  • Disney Pixel RPG is a newly-announced title from GungHo Entertainment
  • It's set to feature a wide cast of pixelated Disney characters
  • You'll also get to create your own and explore multiple worlds based on the vast Disney library

GungHo Entertainment, the developers behind crossover card-battler Teppen, have announced their next project will be working on a retro-inspired roleplaying game with the world's biggest entertainment company, Disney.

Disney Pixel RPG is slated to release sometime this year and will boast a number of iconic Disney characters that players can recruit and battle with. According to the game's description, you'll visit multiple worlds featuring 'battle, action and rhythm' challenges throughout.

You'll be able to create and customise your own character while fighting alongside the Disney cast, and the game will apparently be an auto-battler with the option to jump in and take direct control at certain points. The story meanwhile will focus on fighting strange programs that have appeared in the game worlds these pixelated versions of Disney characters call home.

Gameplay from Disney Pixel RPG Back to the past

As we noted above, this isn't the first time that GungHo Entertainment has tackled a crossover game for a large franchise. Although given that Disney now owns so many film series and franchises, we would expect there's an even bigger pool of potential characters to draw from. And if anyone knows how to handle a wide cast, it's GungHo.

Disney Pixel RPG is slated to release sometime this year, with pre-registration now available for iOS and Android. You can also check out the game's website for even more sneak previews of what's to come, screenshots of the game and more.

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