Delusion: Tactical Idle RPG is a new pixelated bullet hell

Collect pixelated heroes and save the world from a dark curse

Delusion: Tactical Idle RPG is a new pixelated bullet hell
  • Collect and upgrade more than 70 heroes
  • Take on hordes of monsters
  • Choose teams of heroes strategically and keep moving to survive

Delusion: Tactical Idle RPG has officially launched on mobile. Developed by Overdogs, this new idle RPG contains more than 70 heroes to collect, all brought to life in classic pixel graphics. A sorcerer's curse has been spreading across the land, and it's up to the greatest heroes to conquer the spire and save the world.

You’ll need to keep your wits about if you want to survive the deadly spire. There are two ways to gain new heroes: by playing the game and summoning them. You can send three of your heroes to battle at a time. Every hero has their own skills and abilities. 

In this RPG, you'll need to use strategy when choosing which heroes to send to make sure their skills complement each other. Be sure to choose your team leader carefully, as only their attribute can add to synergy.

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You can train your heroes to increase their strength. Equip them with the new weapons and gear you collect throughout your journey to give them an edge in battle. You can even collect and synthesize souls to increase your power. 

There are hordes of enemies to tackle, and you can switch between controlling your heroes manually and using automatic combat. With intense bullet hell action, you’ll need to keep moving if you want to survive the spire. Dungeons grow progressively more challenging, so remember to level up and always claim your dungeon rewards.

Delusion: Tactical Idle RPG is available now via the App Store and Google Play. For instance, if you sign in for seven consecutive days, you'll net 100,000 Diamonds. The developer promises that there will be many special events to celebrate the launch from which you can earn tons of rewards. To learn more about the game and stay up to date with all the latest news, join the game's official Discord community.

Jack Brassell
Jack Brassell
Jack Brassell is a self-proclaimed nerd with a lifelong passion for storytelling. An aspiring author, Jack writes mostly horror and young adult fantasy. She is currently working to attain an associates degree in game design.