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BRIXITY codes featured in June 2024

These aren't your usual redeem codes like in every other game - Brixity has influencer codes and we have collected all of them.

BRIXITY codes featured in June 2024
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Updated on June 02, 2024 - Checked for new codes

The Devsisters are taking a break from Cookie Run: Kingdom by focusing on a game that's all about the kingdom called BRIXITY. Specifically, it's about building entirely new cities on Earth far into the future. It's the year 2523 and humanity has managed to establish a full-fledged society on Mars after Earth suffered tremendous environmental devastation.

Luckily, there is hope since humans (now called "Pipos") have perfected restoration technology. It mainly takes the form of Brix which can be used to create a number of buildings and facilities in a matter of minutes. This is your tool to fix the Earth so that the Pipos can finally return home.

Unfortunately, Brix technology is not free and requires substantial resources to acquire and access. It also doesn't help that Earth is in much worse shape than previously thought with almost all land being inhabitable. This means that you'll need every little thing that you can get your hands on to make a significant dent in the restoration process. You also only have so many Clean-Up Bots to help with restoration and building. Though you can make steady progress with consistent projects and activities, you can count on codes that can give you some extra goodies to help you out.


As BRIXITY grows, it's likely that new codes will appear every month. There are a number of influencer codes that will each give you 5 City Tour Coupons and 100 Crystals each. The former are used to visit other players' cities to see how restoration around the Earth is progressing while the latter are a rarer currency used to purchase special versions of items like Blueprints and Brix.

  • There are no active Brixity codes at this time.
Expired Codes
  • WINTERWONDERBRIX - Warm-hearted Snowpipo Attire (Valid till January 30)
  • PLAYSQUAREUPDATE - Holiday Tree Attire (Valid till January 12)
  • CONGRATSBRIX100DAY - Celebration Party Tuxedo Jacket (Valid till December 30)
  • BRIXBMARTUPDATEGIFT - Alien Bug Eye Glasses (Valid till December 13)
  • DOWNTOWNERSTYLE (Expires September 20)


The Devsisters have worked to keep their redemption system consistent with that in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Before you start entering any codes, make sure you link one of your online accounts (such as Gmail) to your BRIXITY profile. Then, make sure you play through until you reach Restoration Rank 5. By this point, you'll have completed a majority of the tutorial content, and the key functions should be accessible.

  • Next, select the menu icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • This will pull down a very short menu and you'll want to select the "Redeem Coupon" option.
  • This will take you out of the game and open up a browser window where you can enter the coupon details.
  • In the first box, enter the email that's associated with your profile (you can easily copy and paste it from the "About" section in the "Settings" menu).
  • After that, enter the coupon code in the box below, and keep in mind that almost every code will always be in all caps. Then, click on the "Claim Reward" button and if you're successful, you'll receive a pop-up window telling you to check the in-game mailbox.

To ensure that the rewards come through, close and then reopen the game. Finally, click on the mailbox icon in the top-right corner of the game screen to collect the rewards.

Other redeem codes:

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