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Dead Cells: How to Get the Spider Rune for wall jumps

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Dead Cells: How to Get the Spider Rune for wall jumps
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Certain roguelite games can be frustrating as well as exciting to try over and over again. Dead Cells has managed to accomplish that with a colourful and action-packed setting supported by sharp pixel art. As the nameless hero with a flame for a head, your goal is to make your way through various biomes collecting everything that can make you more powerful. Along the way, you'll be challenged by hazards, tricky enemies, and terrifying bosses that will put you on edge the whole time you're fighting them. However, it's worth defeating as many foes as possible to get ability-granting Runes.

Runes in Dead Cells come in multiple varieties but are progression-centric items since you won't be able to access certain areas without them. Some of them grant passive effects while others are more active like being able to climb and do wall jumps. Unfortunately, this highly valued and useful skill won't be available to you until you collect the Spider Rune. Spider Rune is one of the last you'll get in Dead Cells so you'll need to visit a lot of biomes and defeat a lot of enemies to get to it. Still, with enough perseverance, you'll be able to do it. 

How to get the Spider Rune

The Spider Rune can only be obtained from the Slumbering Sanctuary biome, which, at first, is only found in the Insufferable Crypt. To get there, you need to start collecting Runes and traveling a very specific path. The first step requires you to get the Vine Rune which you can find in the early biome, Promenade of the Damned. The Rune will be through a door in the level and will be possessed by an Elite Undead Archer. After you defeat it, grab the Rune and make your way back to the hub area, the Prisoner's Quarters.

Once you're in the hub, you'll be able to climb vines that spawn in green areas. Climb a vine route until you find the entrance to the Toxic Sewers, which will be denoted by a green glow. Be very cautious in this area as you can get poisoned easily. Keep navigating through rooms until you encounter an Elite Slasher. Defeat it to obtain the Teleportation Rune and then return to the Promenade.

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Navigate your way through the Promenade until you reach a Teleportation Monolith. This will let you access the Ossuary. This area has some tough enemies, so try to play more defensively and focus more on evasion. Explore the rooms until you find one with spikes on the floor and another Elite Slasher. It will drop the Ram Rune upon defeat and then you'll need to go back through the Toxic Sewers.

Back in the Sewers, explore until you find a breakable floor to get access to the Ancient Sewers. Make your way through them until you find a path to the Insufferable Crypt. Here, you'll need to defeat the boss, Conjunctivitis. She uses a mix of melee strikes and ranged magic attacks, so get a read on her skills before rushing in. After defeating her, you can continue on through to the Slumbering Sanctuary.

Make your way through the Sanctuary and enter rooms until you find one with a banner and an Elite Caster. All you have to do is defeat it and you'll be rewarded with the Spider Rune. This will let you stick to the wall and wall jump by association. This makes accessing some areas much easier and lets you enter several new ones, such as the Prison Depths.

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