DC Worlds Collide, the much-awaited RPG is out now in select countries on Android

DC Worlds Collide, the much-awaited RPG is out now in select countries on Android
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DC Worlds Collide is a brand new game that promises a visual extravaganza with the title being officially licensed by DCl. The gameplay will see you collecting and training various superheroes or supervillains from DC comics to use in epic battles. You will get to choose from an amazing array of more than 50 characters that include favourites like Batman, Superman, Joker, Harley Quinn, and many more.

DC Worlds Collide has been developed by Nuverse, a video game development studio founded in 2019 and based in Hong Kong. They have also produced the popular strategy game Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade.

Game features

DC Worlds Collide will require you to make intelligent choices to integrate your battle strategies into every move, with thoughtful positioning, epic hero combos, and unique special attacks.

It has additional game modes that can eventually be unlocked like Elseworld, Convergence Crisis, the Arena, and Character instances that will open up new stories.

You can also expect full 3D models, along with stunning combat animation effects and next-gen hand-painted art styles. Many exciting stories, interesting conversations, and action-packed interactions are promised to feature as well.

Game download

The official early access version of DC Worlds Collide is currently only available for Android in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand. It has also been informed that an iOS version will launch shortly.

If you’re outside these regions you can download the APK version. However, we don’t encourage downloading APKs. Instead, we suggest waiting for the official launch to ensure you don’t run into any unwanted issues.


DC Worlds Collide seems to be a very appealing title for fans of DC comics and superhero games in general. It is sure to provide an authentic DC experience for fans thanks to its official licensing. For others, DC Worlds Collide looks to be a visually attractive and entertaining option.

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