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DC Worlds Collide - Team Synergies

It's not just about obtaining the characters, teaming them correctly is rather important

DC Worlds Collide - Team Synergies
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Having the best characters in DC Worlds Collide is one thing. But, what's even more important, in order to make a great team, is to find the right balance between offense, defense and utility. If you've started playing the game, chances are, you've already noticed that much. We are presenting the best team synergies in DC Worlds Collide, so you'll know which characters you should pursue!

There are some characters that work extremely well together, because of how their skill-sets interact. Let's see some of these potential combinations that can help you make your team much stronger.

Bane / Dr. Freeze / Bizarro

DC Worlds Collide best teams - Bane, Freeze and Bizarro

Bane is one of the best frontliners in the game, and he works extremely well with units who can heal and proc his passive. The longer the battle goes, the stronger he becomes.

Two characters that work extremely well with Bane are Dr. Freeze and Bizarro. Both can heal him and shield him.

The Flash / Harley Quinn

Flash and Harley Quinn DCWC

Flash's 'Swift Support' scales off getting additional buffs, and Harley Quinn can do that better than anyone. Granted, her skill is RNG based which makes it hit or miss, but her ultimate move 'It's Playtime' is low cost. 

Wonder Woman / Red Hood

Wonder Woman and Red Hood team synergy

Wonder Woman can inflict negative statuses on her enemies whenever her skills deal crit damage. High crit rate also grants her damage reduction and her skill 'Divine Contempt' buffs all allies crit damage.

Whenever an ally does critical damage, Red Hood has a chance to gain additional 'Bullets' plus, his 'Tactical Resonance' grants allies additional crit damage.

Deadeye can work well as a support unit in this comp, but Zatanna is arguably the best choice. She can inflict 'Armor Break' to the enemy frontline, but also her allies gain life steal that scales per 'Frantic' stack.

Constantine / Zatanna

Constantine and Zatanna team synergy

Constantine's 'Arcane Aid' causes allies to lose 15% of their current HP at the start of their round. Zatanna's lifesteal buff can help overcome this issue.

Superboy / Firestorm / Starfire

DC WC character portraits

Here's how 'Burn' works in DC Worlds Collide. Once a target has 4 'Burn' stacks on them, the stacks detonate, causing them to take damage equal to a percentage of your hero's attack damage.

The faster you can inflict 'Burn' to enemies, the better. What better way to do that than having units who can attack multiple targets?

Superman can be a nice front line addition to this team as well.

Poison Ivy / Scarecrow / Penguin

Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Penguin team

Poison works similarly to 'Burn', but the difference is 'Poison' stacks don't detonate. Instead, at the end of each round, enemies take damage equal to 15% of your character's attack power and their healing is reduced by 10% per stack.

The more poison stacks you can inflict, the better. Poison Ivy is the main carry when it comes to this team comp. Her attack power scales off poison stacks, and Scarecrow is great at doing just that.

Penguin also makes a great use of poison, as his self-healing increases per stack. Not only that, but he also grants damage reduction to the back line, which is very important in order to keep Poison Ivy alive.

Of course, these are just some of the synergies available in the game, and there are many more to discover. Keep in mind, every battle is different, and you might have to make adjustments to your team, regardless of your comp. But hopefully, some of these synergies can help you overcome some of the toughest opponents. 

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