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Daisys Revenge: What to expect from rock group The Dead Daisies’ retro FPS

Daisys Revenge: What to expect from rock group The Dead Daisies’ retro FPS

What happens when you combine Duck Hunt with the fantasy and mystery of the carnival underworld? Creative Works’ Daisys Revenge puts you in the shoes of rock group The Dead Daisies’ eponymous hero, as she rids Daisyland of immortal ravens in an FPS like you’ve never seen before. Daisys Revenge continues the story of Daisy who previously featured in The Dead Daisies’ ‘Bustle And Flow’ video, and can be seen in the band’s latest video release, ‘Like No Other’. Be sure to crank up the volume - you definitely wouldn’t want to miss a single beat.

Vengeance with guns a-blazin’

With its fast-paced action and thrilling first-person view, the retro shooter tasks you with getting rid of evil ravens swarming over Daisyland. You play as the titular Daisy, shooting furious and fast using the arsenal of weapons at your disposal. Shooting with accuracy and style lets you score points to rank up the leaderboards, making sure you’re at the top of the charts when it comes to sharpshooter timing and strategic rounds.

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Rock out to ridiculous riffs

To pump up the energy for thrill-seeking shooters and adrenaline junkies, rock legend The Dead Daisies’ latest album Holy Ground guarantees a rockin’ good time as you play through each level with the haunting melodies in the background.

There’s nothing that elevates your shooting skills to the next level better than a captivating all-out soundtrack, and the rock band’s musical mayhem is sure to keep you tapping and firing to the beat as the songs pump through your veins. A mind-blowing medley of rock and revenge? Heck yes.

Fuelled fanservice for The Dead Daisies aficionados

Fans of the rock group will likely find Daisyland awesomely familiar, as the same mysterious carnival is the setting for The Dead Daisies hit single Bustle and Flow’s music video. Taking storytelling to a whole new level, the free-to-play mobile game is part of a series of media content and digital experiences, which include succeeding live shows and a planned Daisyland TV series. It’s truly fandom at its finest, as the narrative from the game continues throughout the band’s latest single Like No Other.

This revolutionary fan experience will give eager followers an exciting new way to engage with the band in the midst of the pandemic, with the live shows kicking off on June 23 in the US. For now, if you simply can’t wait to get a taste of Daisy’s dark adventures, you can download the game on the App Store or on Google Play for free. You can also check out the official website for Daisys Revenge, or stay updated on what the band’s been up to lately on The Dead Daisies official website.