Cybersaurus 3D stomps onto iPhone

Will it make the competition extinct?

Cybersaurus 3D stomps onto iPhone
| Cybersaurus 3D

You can't go far wrong with a game featuring giant robot dinosaurs stomping around the galaxy. At least, you'd think not.

Cybersaurus 3D is a new iPhone game focusing on exactly that. It focuses on a bunch of robosaurs trying to take over the Earth, with you in charge of fending them off.

How? By piloting a robosaur of your own - the Raptor9000 - and destroying all the enemies before they enslave humanity.

That means six planets to explore, all with nifty 3D visuals, and a mixture of shooting and adventuring.

Cybersaurus 3D is out now on the App Store for £3.99, and looks like a good showcase for the iPhone's graphical capabilities. Whether it's a good game or just a nice looker remains to be seen, though.

Fancy checking it out? Click here to go straight to its App Store product page.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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