The ultimate guide to CSR Racing 2

Everything you need to know about CSR Racing 2

The ultimate guide to CSR Racing 2
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If you're passionate about mobile racers, then few are better than CSR Racing 2, the popular game from NaturalMotion Games.

We love CSR Racing 2 just as much as you do. There are so many cars to unlock, so many races to compete in, and the activities just never seem to stop.

Because we love the game so much, we've been writing about CSR Racing 2 for years, and right here is where you will find all of it. From our in-depth review, to our guides and features on the game, everything you could ever wish to know is right here. This is the ultimate guide to CSR Racing 2.

When we reviewed the game back in 2016, we said: "To an extent, then, to explain the actual gameplay of CSR Racing 2 - a series of timing and reflex challenges that are over before they've begun - is to fundamentally miss the point.

"It's more about that loop of winning races, earning currency, and investing that back into upgrading your vehicle. And, for this to be optimally more-ish, it's essential that the whole process is as quick as possible.

"It achieves this admirably. There's a good level of customisation on offer, and it feels good to see your cars go from workmanlike stragglers to souped-up beasts."

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