PSP RPG Crimson Gem Saga finds its way to the iPhone

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PSP RPG Crimson Gem Saga finds its way to the iPhone
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With the mouth-watering prospect of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Tactics and Konami’s Suikoden making their way to the App Store in the future, JRPG fans appear to be well-catered for on Apple’s touchscreen smartphone.

So there’s probably no more room on your phones for a 30-hour epic RPG originally released in the west by Atlus, one of the best-loved JRPG publishers, and adapted from the PSP title of the same name, right? Oh, ok.

Crimson Gem Saga, apart from having a strangely hard to remember name, is a whopping 400MB RPG with hand-painted backgrounds, tons of voice-acting, and turn-based battling aplenty.

Hilariously, the poorly translated app description talks about a combo system that ‘relieves the boredom’. We’re not masters of marketing, but we’re pretty sure that isn’t the right way to persuade people to buy the game.

Boredom inducing gameplay or not, Crimson Gem Saga is available now on the App Store for £5.99/$9.99/€7.99.