Tactile brings its 70-strong mini-game collection Crazy Test to iPhone

Aiming for short bursts of frantic fun

Tactile brings its 70-strong mini-game collection Crazy Test to iPhone
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With iPhone unlikely to get an official version of WarioWare anytime soon, collections of wacky mini-games inspired by Nintendo's classic series are just going to have to do for the time being.

One such as Crazy Test from Danish studio Tactile Entertainment, which is also currently working on its Pocket Creatures game.

Pockets full of fun

Crazy Test is a collection of 70 mini-games that will have your fingers on the move as you attempt to unlock them all, and then improve your high scores.

The games themselves are very simple, taking a couple of seconds at most, and consist of tasks such as tapping in time on a bagpipe pipes, pulling a nasal hair out a nose, using the accelerometer to swing Tarzan to Jane, as well as moving sticks on a campfire so a panda bear can urinate on them.

Yes, it's that kind of mini-game collection.

Unlocking the rest

In terms of the wider structure, The Crazy Test mode is the first way you interact with the games, playing through them in a fixed order.

This unlocks them for the Survival mode, where you have to complete randomly selected games that get quicker and more difficult until you eventually fail.

There's also the Games List, which enables you to pick any game you have unlocked through The Crazy Test. Each has an achievement attached and getting this requires you to complete the game a certain number of times in succession.

For each completed game, the difficulty is increased and you can challenge your friends to beat your score through the Open Feint social gaming network too.

Crazy Test is close to being submitted to Apple, so should be out in the next week or so.
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